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9.1.08 Never EAT anything that has partially hydrogenated, fully hydrogenated, or ANYTHING hydrogenated in it! CSS

The best way to make Cream Cheese Frosting is this: Buy softened cream cheese--like a container of it like 8 oz. or so. Place it in a bowl and start adding powdered sugar until you think it is sweet enough. DO NOT lick the spoon and put it back in the bowl! Get a NEW spoon each time. THEN and this is the trick, add some WHIPPED cream. But it has to be from the can cause it has no hydrogenated oil cause the containers of whipped cream DO HAVE hydrogenated oii which will kill you! So add some whipped cream a little at a time until you like the consistency. Oh man, it is unbelievable and will taste so PERFECT on your freshly baked pumkin cake. CSS

HappyJust want to say I am happy today. And happy to work hard and be here. CSS

Always put extra money in the parking meter so the next person will be so happy and surprised. This is a purposeful act of kindness! CSS


9.27.08 Let's talk about exercise. Just get a small, recumbant type bike at least. Ride it 10 minutes at a time. Do you know what you do in ten minutes? Watch tv, stare out the window, glance through the weekly newspaper ads, talk on the phone . . Even 10 minutes a day is more than nothing and will help you feel better, lose weight, strengthen your HEART, and get you out of the depressing frump you are in! How about a treadmill? Have stairs in your place? Walk up andstart waking! down briskly until you can't any more. Do something! START! Yes, START is the American Heart Association's START walking for a healthier lifestyle. START doing something to get going!

do u latte?10.1.08 I LOVE the names of coffee stands in Spokane.
Here are some to chuckle at!

  • Buzzies Espresso
  • Jacobs Java
  • Bean Me Up
  • Jitter Bug
  • Brewed Awakening
  • Java Jump
  • Higher Ground Espresso
  • Common Grounds Espresso
  • Hold Your Grounds Espresso
  • On Sacred Grounds Coffee
  • Jack & the Bean Shop
  • Have Beans Espresso
  • Java Hut Espresso
  • The Daily Grind
  • Mug Shots
  • Brews Brothers
  • Sling Shots
  • Jitterz Java
  • Legal Addiction
  • Extreme Caffeine Espresso
  • Grind Central Station
  • The Supreme Bean
  • He Brews
  • Bean There, Done That
  • Caffeinds

What's your favorites? Know any others in any other cities? Send them using my contact form. CSS


heart10.28.08 Wow, life has been too busy for me. I can't wait for the elections to be over. Tired of political polution and all the commercials. It makes a heart tired to not have any relaxation time. Take a walk. Admire the fall colors. Breathe in the fall air. Watch a squirrel in the park. Get some sun.


11.23.08 Beware of posing as a profound person - GOD became a baby! O. Chambers CSS

12.1.2008 Ever see this news story during the 2000 Presidential Elections? CSS

Bush Gore?

2.13.2009 Okay, I am back. But I will really be back soon. CSS


9-1-2009 I really liked the summer show Royal Pains. Wish it didn't have to go away like I wish my pool didn't have to get closed for the summer on Labor Day weekend. CSS

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11-27-2009 There is more treasure in Books than all the loot on Treasure Island. Walt Disney CSS

9-22-2010 Wow, this is a fun page to revisit once in a while. Almost a year since I've been here. A lot has happened. Maybe I'll post some more stuff later. Good night CSS


11-8-2011 Another year ... you have to see what's been happening! Click NEWS