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Judeo-Christian Facts about Organ Donation:

  • A Heart Like MineJewish Law proclaims the truth of the commandment in Leviticus 19:16 : "Thou shall notstand idly by the blood of thy neighbor." The duty to save life supersedes any other law. There is one principle that can be singled out for its prominence in Jewish bioethical discourse: the sanctity of human life and the duty to save and preserve it wherever possible.

  • "Giving oneself and one's possessions voluntarily for the wellbeing of others and without compulsion is a Christian duty." The Church of England, on organ donation.

  • Remember, All major religions support organ & tissue donation and believe it's act of human kindness.

  • Death need not be the final comment of our lives. Instead of one stone marker at the head of our grave, there could be living memorials, real people with real families whose lives have been put back together through the gift of life. This is Christianity at it best: sharing one's own life for the purpose of helping someone else.
Find More Information About Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation at Donate Life America:

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For residents in the Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington area, find out more through LifeCenter Northwest:

About LifeCenter Northwest

LifeCenter Northwest is one of 58 federally designated nonprofit organ procurement organizations (OPO) in the United States. LifeCenter Northwest works together with families, medical professionals, and communities in Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington to save lives through organ and tissue donation.

Check out the Interactive Body Link on LifeCenter Northwest's Website:

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Myths & misconceptions

Myths and misconceptions persist about organ and tissue donation despite continuing education efforts. A recent survey commissioned by Donate Life America of 5,100 adults identified prevailing misconceptions that are shared by many Americans:

  • 48% of people believe incorrectly there is a black market in the U.S. where people can buy and sell organs
  • 28% of people believe incorrectly that a brain dead person can recover from injuries
  • 25% believe incorrectly that doctors will not try as hard to save their lives if they are registered donors

The following facts will dispel some of these myths and misconceptions, and help you better understand organ, eye, and tissue donation:

The number of individuals in need of transplants continues to grow but the number of people who register to be a donor is not keeping pace.

Anyone can be a potential donor regardless of age, race, or medical history.

Every 80 minutes a patient passes away due to the shortage of available organs for transplant.


Transplant success rates increase when organs are matched between members of similar ethnic backgrounds. Ethnic minorities wait twice as long as white Americans for kidney transplants.


Most major religions in the United States support organ, eye, and tissue donation, seeing it as the final act of love and generosity toward others.


If you are sick or injured and admitted to the hospital, the number one priority is saving your life. Organ, eye, and tissue donation can only be considered after you are deceased.


There is no discrimination due to age, sex, race, sexual orientation, occupation, social status, financial status, or any other factor when determining who gives or receives an organ.


An open casket funeral is possible for organ, eye, and tissue donors. Through the entire donation process the body is treated with care, respect, and dignity.


There is no cost to the donor or their family for organ, eye, and tissue donation.


Agreeing to donation for research when registering donation wishes for organ, eye, and tissue donation, does not include whole body donation.




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