A Heart Like Mine
Offering Hope Through A New Heart
Thank you, Bryan Duncan

Bryan Duncan Bryan Duncan's career as a Contemporary Christian Music Artist began in 1973, when he was 19, with the Sweet Comfort Band. The band was very successful and had a solid, six-year run.

In 1985, Duncan's solo career took off with the release of Have Yourself Committed. Throughout the next 15 years, Bryan Duncan achieved legendary status with a long list of number #1 hits.

Bryan Duncan My Utmost for His HighestHis album work, My Utmost for His Highest, included a song that would change my life forever: A Heart Like Mine.

Often, on the most difficult days of pain and suffering, the music and words to this song comforted my broken physical heart and my aching spiritual heart.

A Heart Like Mine was the inspiration for my first book and will remain always a soothing melody to comfort my soul.

Bryan DUncan
If I could talk to Bryan I would thank him for writing a song so intimately descriptive of a loving God. I would thank him for ministering to me in my time of need. And I would thank him for his lifetime service to the Lord and His people.

       Thank you, Bryan...

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