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I loved this book it gave a wonderful perspective on being a patient with a heart condition. I am a cardiac nurse and it was great to be able to hear her ideas and to have the wisdom of others that she shared.
I loaned my copy of your book to a patient with a VAD (ventricular assist device) who is now heart transplant listed. She read yours in one day and loved the book!

Oh, how I love your book! It is so easy to read and even though my situation is different, your trials relate to my own. I've learned so much and it's helped me. Your book is up there with the Bible and I take it everywhere I go!
I love your book. I have learned so much about hospital life, and what you've gone through, but I think that the book really speaks to the trials that we all go through. It is a wonderful testiment to faith and perserverance.

I would never read an entire book--haven't since high school. But I saw A Heart Like Mine on the coffee table and was drawn to it. My wife had just finished reading it. I picked it up and couldn't put it down--Amazing! Thanks for what you are doing.


I know Cindy Valenti-Scinto personally, and she is an amazing woman. The miraculous story of her heart transplant inspired my own faith.

Don't miss out on this story. I met Cindy at the International Christian Retailers Show in St. Louis and read her book in 1 day. A true survivor.
Was a blessing to me your book has been. I was engrossed from page one. What seemed like an impossible situation turned into a good outcome time after time with your health problems. Only God could have brought so many good outcomes. Your enduring faith is the best witness to me throughout the book. May God bless you and keep you and may you continue to improve day after day. I can't wait to read the next book!

Cindy has managed to inspire, entertain, encourage, and inform in this marvelous book. She has captured the moments of her incredible experiences into words that reach into your own heart and point you toward the kind of faith in God we all aspire to. Well written, and obviously soaked in prayer and a desire to touch lives, A Heart Like Mine will not disappoint. Thank you Cindy for sharing with us.

This is an awesome book about the trials you go through dealing with a transplanted heart and how you sometimes doubt what path God is taking with your life. But through your book, you teach us that if we just trust Him and hold on to Him we will see the bigger picture in the end.
Cindy, I just finished A Heart Like Mine and a teapot of tea. Forever broken and inspired by your Love, Friendship, and most of all your Faithfulness to do Gods work. Thank you for Writing your Amazing story. Hey, I lost 5 lbs. reading your book because I didn't want to put you down. I remain in Prayer for you always. You've touched my heart. I'm singing Praises unto the Lord for He is Good All the Time. And I'm still walking around holding your book!



Some are born strong,
Some derive strength from adversity,
Some find strength through faith,
And some, a very few like Cindy, define it!

Bryan Duncan
Dove Award winning musician and artist
I must say that for the reader who's not been in your circumstances, the lists of surgery's in the early part of the book was a hard, long read. I don't know how you might create the understanding of otherwise this is your story. Amazing!

I got your book and have been reading it. I so love it. I had a heart attack 9 months ago and I'm only 33 years old and a single mom of 2 girls. I know how scarey it was for you because wow, I was so scared but by the Grace of God I'm alive. I'm not through yet but your story of life just breaks my heart. God has a plan for you in life just like for me. He needs us here to tell our story and bring light to someone else in a struggle.

Writer's Digest Judges Notes
What an amazing story! I can't believe all that you've been through, health-wise. I'm fascinated by your description of watching the medical staff trying to revive you. The glossary is great!

This book is wonderful! Everyone needs to read it. You are such a special person with at heart as big as TEXAS '-) I am praying you are doing well.

Just got a copy of your book. All of us at 6S are fighting over who get's to read it first. (Nurses on 6S, Advanced Cardiac Care Floor at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA.)

I am so thankful that God placed you in my life. Your book signing came at the right moment in time and it so helped me get through that day of heartbreaking memories.

Cindy, I read your book and want to tell you how good it is. Very well written and inspirational. I plan to take a copy to our church bookstore.

B. Lulu
Just wanted to say I am so glad to read your story and know how God is wonderful when he saved you and every time you share your story it strengthens not only you faith but others like me. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.




I picked up the book at the Sacred Heart doctor's bldg and have been amazed how the book has touched my heart. I truly believe that God put the book on the coffee table in front of me that day. I have read the book twice and took it with me on a trip to Iowa where 2 of my friends tried to swipe it from me to read. I learned so much about how to give my life up to God and He will protect and guide me. I am going through a very rough time in my life and this book helped to give me the strength and belief that God will always be there for me. This book is full of humor, life lesson's and a strong woman's life. Truly amazing!! 

I am currently reading your book and in awe! Every page is transforming to the soul! Thank you for your wonderful enouragement.

I was deeply moved and inspired by your book Cindy. It gave me great hope to move through my own "heart disease." I believe anyone who reads it will be encouraged, uplifted and empowered to turn toward the Lord, gain strength only He can give, and live through the challenges we all face in life. Bless you for sharing your story!

This book is truly inspirational. It is a true story of a woman that has suffered a lifetime of illness, sickness and temporary death. She beat all odds and is still miraculously alive to tell her story and share her encouragement of what God has done in her life. Even though the years of suffering are incomprehensible to most of us, she bubbles over with joy with each day. It is a testament to what God can do in all of our lives and how nothing is too great for Him. I highly recommend this book which is high praise coming from me. (I am very picky)

I finsihed your book last night. How touching, inspiring, and unique the message. You have demonstrated the tenacity, perseverance, and surrender of which you teach and that makes the book authentic. I am awestruck at the suffering you endured, the faith you embraced amid the trials, and the miracle of your survival. The book is amazing, Cindy. Please continue to pace yourself in peace and protect your gifted heart. The world needs the tough message of "buck up" that you have to share.

Gloria Jean
There are some people who I will classify as "special people" and Cindy is one of them. She is a beautiful person that doesn't focus on her misfortunes, but on God, His will, and His plan for her on this Earth. We all have a journey to achieve on this Earth, and as we journey down the path of life, we leave numerous marks along the way. Cindy has made a spiritual difference in my life and I am sure the lives of many of the people that she comes in contact with. After reading this book, you realize, how in an instant your own life can change, and that by putting your trust 100% into the Lord, all things are possible. Cindy is a remarkable woman, and a very talented writer. Thank you Cindy for sharing a part of you with me.

Cindy's book "A Heart Like Mine" is a must read for all who struggle to find God's Will in their lives! WOW....her story is so profound, so powerful and inspiring!

A heroic, true story of a woman whose spirit would not quit fighting to find answers for her dying body. Cindy Scinto’s friendship with God results in miraculous healings and a tenacity to conquer overwhelming obstacles. Written with humor and a profound insight into God’s purposes for our lives.

I'm just about to the end of your book. I can't wait to read the next one you are working on. I can not say enough about this book, what an inspiration. I can see this being the next best seller. If I had to sum this book up into one word it would be perserverance. You can actually feel this book if that makes sense. I have cheered you on when the Dr's and nurses weren't so nice and understanding and you wouldn't settle for their answer. I have laughed till my sides hurt, The New York hotel story about the Habitat was funny even though it wasn't at the time. If you ever need anyone to promote your book in Indiana I will do it in a heart beat, no pun intended. I will be passing this book on to my mother-in-law and I have numerous customers who I think would really enjoy this book also.

Not only is this an amazing testimony of God's work in Cindy's life, it is also an extremely well written book. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Cindy!!!

I am enjoying your book so much. Thank you so much for giving me a copy of your book. I took it on a business trip and have been glued to it. There is so much to think about and you've put it in a way that opens up two sides to every thoughtful description or event. I love the parallel universe you keep with The Wizard of Oz' Tin man. That is still my favorite movie. You are truly an amazing person. I'll call you when i'm done reading A Heart of Mine and share my thoughts, impressions and pride. Very proud of you Cindy to write and write so well- what a talent.

In the book A Heart Like Mine, Cindy Valenti-Scinto tells the story of her unexpected and rapid transformation from being a healthy, active and vibrant mother and wife, into a seriously ill invalid diagnosed with progressive heart disease and then heart failure that resulted with her receipt of a heart transplant. Cindy Valenti-Scinto has been to the valley of the shadow of death and on this unexpected journey she has experienced the tender mercies and faithfulness of a loving and living God. Her book is infused with a message of hope and filled with Godly insights on matters of the heart.

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your book, I'm not even half way through but your book was inspiring from the first page, so much so that I am getting 2 more copies to pass on to a friend and a family member. I just want to thank you for writing this book, I feel that it will change anyones heart who reads it. It has touched mine.

Hi Cindy, I am really enjoying your book. I feel like I know you so well. Thank you for sharing your precious heart and heart insights. You are a blessing!

This book is truly inspirational. It is a true story of a woman that has suffered a lifetime of illness, sickness and temporary death. She beat all odds and is still miraculously alive to tell her story and share her encouragement of what God has done in her life. Even though the years of suffering are incomprehensible to most of us, she bubbles over with joy with each day. It is a testament to what God can do in all of our lives and how nothing is too great for Him. I highly recommend this book which is high praise coming from me. (I am very picky)

Cindy, I just finished your book and I want to buy copies for my daughters who have struggled with health issues. Your book touched my heart and rang with truth, love, and hope. I couldn't lay it down as it was so well written; I felt like I was walking along side you, seeing your heart and God's heart at work. Thank you for this brave book. It will encourage many who walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalms 23 and 27) and find that Jesus has them by the hand. You have walked through and are now a light for others. I'm so blessed to know you.

Judge, Writer's Digest Book Awards
What an amazing story! I can't believe all that you've been through, health-wise. I'm fascinated by your description of watching the medical staff trying to revive you. The glossary is great.

As I read your book, I'm impressed by your courage and humor in the face of adversity. Amazing story, solid writing and great insights.

You are really one amazing lady. I am proud to know you and growing closer to your heart as I read your book and take you in. A Heart Like Mine is great Cindy--just Gods Ideal makeup that covers your soul in Gold and honey.

I can't put down your book. I'm half way through and I just got it about maybe five days ago. If I had more time, I would have been done already. You are so blessed. I'm trying to convince my son to read it after I'm finished. I know it will help him in every part of his life.

This is so exciting... Congratulations... This book is going to change the world and bring hope for EVERYONE. You are awesome!!!


I really enjoyed getting to know you at Mt Spokane Church and reading your book. You are an inspiration of courage.

I'm very proud of you. You do inspire me. Congratulations on your Book!

My sister ended up in the ER and while we were there she kept saying how your book was on her mind and how it encouraged her. All through her hospital stay and surgery, she told me your book gave her great comfort. What an enormous blessing! Thank you for writing it.

Seriously folks, you have to read A Heart Like Mine! It will touch your heart and be such a blessing to you in so many ways that you can not walk away from it the same person you were before reading it. Your soul will be blessed!

Daily we bump up against many lives, usually without any impact on one another. But when I bump against your life, I feel I have stepped into another dimension of this world. Your life is a witness to the power and love of God. Your determination and enthusiasm is a light wherever you go. Thank you for allowing me to experience the light God has given you.

When I read, there is always at least one reason I can put a book down--even a great book. But I could not lay yours down. I had to read to the end. This is a powerful story and you have told it well.

This is a great book, and will be a blessing to many.

Hello Cindy I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you as you have such an amazing testimony. May God Bless You abundantly.

Awesome book and I am so happy to know such a truly awesome person with a "BIG" heart. Keep up the good work. You are truly amazing!

For anyone who has not read this book, it is a must! Despite the subject there is such a natural smoothness to it that hooks you in and makes you read until you completed the book. Seriously folks, this book comes from Cindy's Heart (and perhaps her donors heart?) and is a must read.

I surfed your site and it is so encouraging and uplifting. You and your family are miracles. I know that it has been just as tough on your husband and son. But bottom line--you made it through, and will continue to help others. God still has a mission for you to continue with. There are just too many people out there that you will help. So, God bless you and your family and I will pray for you.

I understood from my own heart problems the message you have to give. According to my heart doctor I should have died at the age of 35. But God gave me an extra large heart for a woman so I am 49 and still alive. Oh but for the grace of God go I.... Thank you for sharing your experience
with us. Keep writing.

That was brilliant! I agree with what Ella said. It touched my heart! It stayed with me all day, I don't know why, but for some reason I feel confident. GREAT WORK!

Its a beautiful story. It touched my heart. Sometimes I'm so afraid my heart would fail me too one day. But I know, the heart God gave us is so much more precious. Even if we cant have a healthy physical heart,,I will work towards the beautiful spiritual heart that God wants me to have. You have a beautiful heart and i admire your faith in God. Through all that pain, you still loved Him with all the heart you had left. Our hearts can be broken, our hearts can be crushed, our hearts can take away our life just as it gives us life. But your faith in God, the love in your heart that you have for Him will never pass away. It's eternal, and you have that same eternal life as well :) God Bless

One word: WOW!

This is an incredible story and you've written it beautifully. It caught my attention because it's about illness and how God can use it to work a great (and positive) change in a person's life. I've in no way suffered the trials you have, however I am going through my own personal trial with diabetes right now and I've struggled with depression off and on for years. Reading stories like yours helps me cope and trust in God when all I want to do is wish everything away and go back in time. I'm so glad you wrote this because I think it will help many, many people.

Valley Christian School Homeschool Program Teacher
Every month I have my students do something kind as a class requirement. They have to do it, write about what they did, and have their parents sign it. These are due next week, so today I asked the class how many had already done the assignment for the month. One girl said she chose what she would do but wasn't able to quite finish the assignment because she decided to be an organ donor. I was thrilled. After school the girl's mom told me what an impact your presentation made on her and her brother. The entire family - except for the little brother, decided to be organ donors after they talked about you and what you told them - my class has 4 sets of siblings. Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of my students - and me too!

Valley Christian School Homeschool Program Teacher
The kids and I thought you were spectacular!  One boy said, "that was the best Health class ever!" Thank you so much for taking your time to talk to my students. Having a real person is much better than getting information from a book. I am sure they will never forget your story and the importance of organ donation. Thank you again.

Donate Life Education Program
Thank you very much for making a difference in these student's lives!

This book is absolutely magic!

Wow, you are strong. You remind me of the saying God wont give us more than we can handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much. Its great to know you stayed close to God through it all. God bless you!

Cindy Scinto is amazing, she is a heart transplant recipient I have come to know; her book is amazing and gives you goose bumps!

I've finished your delicious book. The book is very well organized, because every chapter is clearly defined around a specific topic. Also the chapter on laughing was delicious and really funny, with the story at the Manhattan hotel and the hospital finger food after remaining flat. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful story!

Have I told you recently that you're amazing? No? Well, you're amazing. Watched the video. It's so wonderful. I love this website.

I read your book and laughed and cried. It is so amazing. I sent it to my sister who has cancer and she said it has changed her life!

Your book is beautiful. One of my favorite stories was the way you got scrubs for you and your roommate. (Chapter 6 - You Gotta' Laugh!) What fun! The words in your book will stay with me always.

Lidgerwood Presbyterian Church
Just a note to say "thank you" for coming to our Lighthouse Circle and sharing with us. We so enjoyed it. You and your family will remain in our prayers. Your book is wonderful and we look forward to your next one! Thanks again.

Your book is flying off the shelf! People love it! - Manager
Christian Supply Bookstore, Spokane, Washington

Visit Amazon for Kena's video review! Thanks Kena! CLICK

Really enjoyed reading and sharing this book. What power in the hope we have in Christ alone. Your story becomes His story for us to gently walk along side and see if only for a moment, what few others have known, His Heart through yours.

True stories are ALWAYS best. Cindy has come through the valley of the shadow of death. Dying to herself in myriads of ways is not an easy thing to do nor it is an easy thing to watch someone you care for and love do. An easy enrapturing read. I highly recommend it especially for anyone going through the pain of medical treatments or critical illness and multiple overlapping crisis after crisis! A book with a happy ending for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Pastor Rick
I have been blessed to read your book, your biography, insights, and applications help readers to understand you, John, and others who have faced, or will face similar trying challenges in their life but also to bring hope and courage to them. I would encourage anyone to read this book to help gain the spiritual insights and support that will come from it.



The Best read this year for anyone with an heart condition or illness they struggle with. Inspirational, uplifting, you will laugh and cry. A whole new look at the way having God in your life can lift you up!

I loved reading your book. It was so inspirational, so real and so filled with God's truth. I put your book at the top of the list because there are so many people going through illness and tough times right now that they need to read your book. Thank you again, Blessings to you. May the Lord prosper and bless you even more in your ministry to those who struggle.


I was very touched by your book. First, you are such a gifted writer! I sent a copy to my sister who will eventually have a kidney transplant. I read so many similarities between you and my sister; I pray that she goes away feeling as touched as I was with your book. Angie has shared with us over the years about you so I felt I already knew you. Hearing you speak in person at the Christmas luncheon made me feel so blessed. I am totally certain about donating my kidney to my sister, especially after reading your book. I have already passed along my copy of the book to a really good friend. I know a lot of people that I want to read this. I think I will have them sign the book so you can see how many people you have touched through your book.

I found your book straight from your heart to the reader's heart. I love your final chapter. Looking forward to hearing your message when you speak!

Thanks, Cindy. The song [A Heart Like Mine by Bryan Duncan] --like your book--brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that you could share with us such very personal struggles. I have sent a book to two nieces that are struggling with cancer, and have had great positive feedback from them. We have all been inspired on how the Lord is leading you, as we all fight the same emotional feelings in our personal battles. Looking forward to your next book.

I liked your book so much that I ordered two more for friends. We have two friends with serious illnesses. One just had both of her kidneys removed and the other may have terminal cancer. Amazon says that they are sold out and don't have a source to get more. You should send them a bunch!

I loved the book! People in the airport thought I was psychotic as I laughed and cried at the same time as I read the book while waiting for one of my many flights. It really blessed me!

Mt. Spokane Church
"A Heart Like Mine" has been a great inspiration to Pastor Bob in this last message series. We, as a body, would like to thank you for writing your book and for bringing your words here to Mt. Spokane Church.

I have had a wonderful response from readers, pastors, and churches. If you would like me to come speak at your church or event, contact me through my CONTACT form. If you need to know more about me--click HERE for my Speaker Information page.


Psalm 34:18 "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Laura L.
Wow, that's really all that I can say so far. You've been through quite a bit and that in itself if amazing, but putting it into words as well as you have done is the icing on the cake. God has given you a wonderful gift.


Wow, you did a most excellent job of writing and sharing your spiritual and physical journey! I finished the book in one day - you have a story that needed to be told. God definitely gave you powerful words to express what you have learned about him and getting through suffering. Your discussion of surrendering all hit me where I live! I have been a strong-willed independent thinking kind of gal and God is making progress in teaching me humility and learning to identify when I am trying to do things myself rather than letting him take my burdens and handle them - so I can actually relax more. Your book blessed me and I know God has plans for it to bless many more people. Thank you for finding time and answering God's call to write the book.

Thanks for the MP3 series on your website. I wished I had found this a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have missed it. What you have physically gone through for the last 7 years is unthinkable but I can relate in ways I wish I couldn't. I have been in ministry for 25 years and I have told God He has overestimated me in the realm of not giving me more than I can handle. It has been 15 years of heart disease and the road ahead is scary. Tragically, I'm a nurse and wish I didn't have to know the way down the road. Thanks for the encouragement. Blessings to you.

I'm reading your book, I did 5 chapters in 2 days. You write very well, and I can tell you tried not to drone on an on about how bad it was, without lightening things up with in between. You faith astounds me. I wonder if I could be as strong as you, faced with the same challenges. I hope I don't have that challenge! I cannot get my mind around all the surgery. My chest started hurting reading it. How in the heck can a human chest undergo all the openings and closings? God Bless you as you spread the world, and speak life and hope into people's lives, especially the ill. Thank you, Cindy for being such an inspiration! I'll never complain again about a mean boss, a missed opportunity, money problems, etc. etc.!! I mean, how could I? Heartfelt hugs, prayer and wishes for continued blessings coming your way!

I just finished this book yesterday and WOW. I laughed, I cried, I pondered, I examined my own walk with Christ. This book paints such a visual experience of the author's 5 year journey to understanding God's will. It is well written and an easy read, loaded with profound scripture, and yet, her personality shines through. All I can say is thank you Cindy for sharing. I have given two copies away as gifts and kept one for me. Several people on my Christmas list will be getting this book.

It is truly inspiring to read this book because Cindy has written from actual experience, not just theory or preaching, and you can feel her pain, understand her searching, and follow her journey of "Why Me God" to "How can I use this to help others". This book will help you understand your life trials and how to deal with them!

I have seemingly always looked forward to a day where I was "better." Less hills to climb and some smooth ground. Reading Cindy's book made me realize that maybe I should strive for a more lasting hope. My hope that I have clung to has been peace. I have always thought I'd have peace with God and satisfaction in life if I felt better. It just occurred to me life may never get better in the way I want it to. Things could get worse in the future. I will have wasted my life waiting for Utopia. I think I now understand that God's peace isn't affected by circumstance. Perhaps in the hard times I could feel His peace even more.

I received my books yesterday and have already cried and laughed! I also gave the two others I bought as gifts to friends!

This book is an amazing read, full of inspiration and the power of Cindy's faith in God. If you have any health or other problems - read this book!!!

An amazing true story that can help those who struggle with illness and faith and educate those family and friends to better understand what their loved one is going through! A must read.

I couldn't put the book down. Partially because I know you but also because it really had a lot of information about the trials you went through not just daily sometimes but hourly. It is a book that gives you hope and inspires you to stay the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did send a link to my friends in California, I know they would love it too. For me to finish a book cover to cover is a rare thing . . .TIME...

I hope you are feeling better. You are amazing!!!! Wow! You already have the book out! How wonderful, I am so proud of you Cindy! That has been a lot of hard work and living your story hasn't been an easy road. Now you will bless so many others and give them hope!!! Your words are like a missionary that will travel to thousands, touching lives with hope as the readers seek God's Will for their lives giving the Lord credit and the glory. I hope you will autograph my copy. Wow, Cindy, again I am so proud of you because you persevered! A big hug for you.

Pastor Bob
Impacting and filled with profound, scriptural insight, and spiritual depth gained through years of severe testing, Cindy writes A Heart Like Mine for every person who has every wondered about God's will and suffering. A thought-provoking read for the serious Christian!

Well, the book arrived today and it was much like birthing a baby. I went on faith and let the printer go ahead without me seeing a proof. It was amazing! The book came out just as I had hoped! If you order one and read it--please send me a review to post here!