Offering Hope Through A New Heart
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Bryan Duncan

A Heart Like Yours is a resounding encouragement for those of us without even half of the maladies that Cindy Valenti-Scinto has dealt with. After this read, I walk a little more grateful for so much that I take for granted and thank God everyday through my hardships. This is his way of sanctifying our purposes.

Bryan Duncan
Christian Music Hall of Fame singer/songwriter and author


Lynn Deshazo

All who live on this fallen planet of ours will suffer to some extent. Cindy
Valenti-Scinto, however, has suffered more serious health issues than any ten people I know put together. She and Job could have some interesting conversations! Yet her story is a joy-cocktail of hope, encouragement, and the hard lessons of learning to trust in God no matter what comes. Her book A Heart Like Yours is just what the doctor ordered for anyone walking through a dark time or a difficult medical challenge.

Lynn DeShazo
Worship leader, Integrity Music songwriter, and author
of More Precious Than Silver: The God-Stories Behind the Songs of Lynn DeShazo

Julie Garmon

A Heart Like Yours by Cindy Valenti-Scinto is deeply inspirational—both
medically and emotionally. It’s a riveting, unforgettable story of overwhelming triumph. Her books give a whole new significance to the sound of a beating heart.

Julie Garmon
Guideposts Magazine

Lyle Hatcher

Some are born strong. Some derive strength from adversity. Some find strength through faith, and some, a very few like Cindy Valenti-Scinto, define it!

Lyle Hatcher
Author of Different Drummers


As with the first book, this one has the reader jumping from encouraged
to joyful to disturbed (over Cindy’s treatment) and back again. It’s a really engaging ride that I found both engrossing and informative. If I ever get a serious illness, I want Cindy on my side!

Christy Scannell
Author of Secrets from Lulu’s Café series


I love a story of character, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. Cindy Valenti-Scinto’s newest book doesn’t disappoint. Not only does the author have something to say, but also she says it in a way that commands attention from the
first page to the last. Her book is motivating, inspiring, and, yes—entertaining.

I marvel that someone who lives so close to death can be so full of life.

Cynthia Siegfried
Author of Cancer Journey: A Caregiver’s View from the
Passenger Seat

Lefty Oneil

A Heart Like Yours is a book of inspiration from an angel living out her days on this earth the best way she can with the situation she has been dealt. And in doing so, she is giving and offering many people hope! Her books will surely
outlive her time on earth. What a blessing we all hope to fulfill!

Dick “Lefty” O’Neal
Author of Dreaming of the Majors, Living in the Bush

Cindy Sproles

Often we take the heart for granted. It’s a mindless assumption that our heart will work, day in and day out. In this book, Cindy Valenti-Scinto not only expresses the value of a heart but also she knows first-hand the fear of losing one. This touching and, yes, “heart” felt story will bring you to your knees while guiding you upward to a stronger faith.

Cindy Sproles
Author and Editor,

Eddie Jones

This story rips your heart out ... again and again, just like the transplant teams who have, over the years, cracked open her chest to keep the author alive. A riveting ride from emergency rooms to the throne of God.

Eddie Jones
Co-founder, Christian Devotions Ministries, Author of The Curse of Captain LaFoote

Mark Wheeler

Cindy Valenti-Scinto has a heart for sharing her experiences of God’s grace and power in ways that will move your heart to want to hear more stories and to discover what God might have in store for your life. A Heart Like Yours is extraordinarily easy to read and sympathize with and exciting to follow. This trilogy is a must-read for everyone who has ever wondered.

Mark Wheeler
Pastor, Lidgerwood Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA

Lidgerwood Presbyterian

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Steve Williams

Readers of A Heart Like Yours will find genuine spiritual encouragement and through spiritual life lessons, be able to grasp and attain a deeper appreciation for who they are in God’s sight. Cindy’s passion, as only an Italian New Yorker can have, is to bring hope to everyone she encounters. She gladly shares her
life story with open abandonment. Enjoy as you read and see your own life through similar eyes and then apply the lessons learned to your circumstances. You will be blessed beyond measure!

Pastor Steve Williams
Senior Pastor, New Life Church
Spokane Valley, Washington

Bob SMith

Cindy has a God-given gift to turn intensely personal experiences into
soul-stirring, spiritual lessons. Once again she has captured into words the profound love of God. I have personally observed her seeking to live her days on earth as a vessel chosen by the Master to endure overwhelming physical challenges. With penetrating Scriptural insights, this book is sure to leave readers challenged—deeply challenged to surrender whatever trials God asks
them to endure into His loving care.

Dr. Robert Smith
Chaplain, Spokane Fire Department
Pastor, Mt. Spokane Church
Instructor, Moody Bible Institute