Offering Hope Through A New Heart
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Aubrey Beauchamp RN USA Coordinator Hospital Christian Fellowship
Thank you so much for your book, A Heart Like Mine. I didn't read your first book and just finished reading the one you sent me and also browsed through your website. Very well done! - both your book and your website. Admired not only your writing talent but also the endurance of your many medical dilemmas and victories as you 'walked through the valley.' Very well done and very inspirational.
I finished reading your book last night - it is most excellent and has a continued message that I'm sure will bless many people. Is it possible to read your books without a supply of Kleenix? It's your honesty and sense of humor while facing unbelievable daily health challenges that make your story touch a person's heart. Your experiences reinforce and illustrate so well that we must become well informed about our physical condition and be our own advocate (having a loving hubby to be there for you certainly also helps) You impressed me with all your great quotatations! You must be a prolific reader during all those long times of your recoveries. I'm sure this book will encourgae many.
Can't wait to receive book two Cindy.... then book three when it comes out.  Thanks for writing these books...
I'm having difficulty putting down "A Heart Like Yours." We haven't had a chance to talk yet, but the book is, or you are touching me in ways I wasn't expecting. I know that I know that you WILL finish writing "A Heart Like His." I'm supposed to read it and live it.
I am so looking forward to your second book since I loved the first one!! I told you I had the book sent to a friend who's in prison. He says it had a major effect on him, but over the phone he wouldn't get into what that means. I'm sure we'll talk about it one day. Thanks for being who you are!